– Incorrect Basketball Knowledge – ––––Episode 12 February 15, 2011–––– ––––2011 NBA All-Star Weekend––––

We're not just showing you the Heat and Celtics, we're also showing you over half of your 2011 Eastern All-Stars!

In this podcast, we talk about the All-Star game in LA, right after some NBA news.

Download episode 12 of the podcast here (right click and “save link as” to download) or go to the podcast page here.

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Hosted by Justin Eakins and Steven Vu

Episode contains:

  • NBA News (Jerry Sloan, Cavs-Wiz, Lakers update)
  • All-Star Weekend talk (Including bets on who wins each event)
  • The Big Finish (which includes Super Bowl talk)

We’ll do better next time.

Please leave us a comment on what we can improve or what you liked or send us an email at incorrectbasketballknowledge@gmail.com

Eventually more to come after the jump

Some videos mentioned in the podcast:

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  1. You guys talked about All-Star voting, and how it boiling down to rapid online voting was hurting the selection process. After watching the dunk contest, I sort of feel like it had the same issue. Should Blake Griffin really have won that contest? And even if he was the winner, I thought it was a lot closer than 70-30. The first round had its own problems. Ibaka had easily one of the best dunks with his actual free throw line jam, but he got one of the worst scores of the first round. And then, you’ve got the issue of people using their best dunks to make sure they get out of the first round, which makes the “finals” that much less exciting. What do you guys think would help fix the dunk contest?

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