– Incorrect Basketball Knowledge – –––––Episode 8 April 14, 2010––––– Predicting the playoffs

The 2010 NBA playoffs have finally arrived and both LeBron and Shaq are hungry for the prize.

Here’s our playoff prediction podcast where we argue on who’s going to win the NBA championship!  Part one contains the 1st round and the conference semi-finals.  Part two contains the conference finals, NBA finals, and a chat with our stat guy, Anthony.  Both parts contain a few bets added to The Sports Book (that we mistakenly call the Big Board).

Download the first part of playoffs podcast here (right click and “save link as” to download) and part two here (UPDATE:  NOW UP!) or go to the podcast page here.

Or check us out on iTunes here. – RSS feed for iTunes is unreliable right now.  It may work and it may not.

Hosted by Justin Eakins and Steven Vu

Part one contains:

  • Welcome
  • 1st round discussion
  • Conference semi-finals discussion

Part two contains:

  • Conference finals prediction
  • NBA finals prediction
  • Playoffs chat with Anthony
  • The Big Finish

We’ll do better next time.

Please leave us a comment on what we can improve or what you liked or send us an email at incorrectbasketballknowledge@gmail.com

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  1. Whoa whoa whoa. I just went o_O to “Lebron James isn’t a good basketball player…he’s only good because he’s fast and strong…”. Are you kidding me?! Aren’t those traits that define a good basketball player? So I guess Dwight Howard isn’t really a good basketball player because he’s just tall and strong :p . What defines a good basketball player then? The ability to hit jump shots? Lebron isn’t the best shooter sure, but he actually shot the same percentage from 3 this year as Kobe while taking one more a game. Sure, his free throws blow, but so do Tim Duncan’s and it didn’t stop him from dominating for a decade. The other thing I’ll add is that almost every Cav’s game the announcers always liken Lebron to Magic Johnson. So does that mean Magic wasn’t a good player either? Just thought it was funny and couldn’t let you off the hook there.

    That being said, I agree with most of y’all’s picks. I do think the Cavs will have trouble with the Magic, and I don’t think the Lakers are really that dominate this year. The podcast was a little too “Blah Lakers blah blah Lakers Lakers”, but maybe I’m not the target Laker/Warrior audience XD.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this NBA playoff predictions!:)

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