Incorrect Basketball Knowledge –– Episode 4 February 23, 2010 – Part Two

LeBron joining the Knicks has (incorrectly?) been predicited by one of the podcast hosts.

Here’s part two of the episode we recorded on February 23rd, 2010.   It’s pretty much our game of Chances Are…? for the trade deadline, which was a pretty fun segment to record.

Download the second part of the fourth episode of Incorrect Basketball Knowledge directly here (right click and “save link as” to download) or go to the podcast page here.

Or check us out on iTunes here. – RSS feed for iTunes is unreliable right now.  It may work and it may not.

Part one can be found here.

Hosted by Justin Eakins and Steven Vu

Episode contains:

  • Chances Are…?
  • The Big Finish

We’ll do better next time.  Part two of episode four should be out soon.

Please leave us a comment on what we can improve or what you liked or send us an email at

Also, we’re still looking for suggestions on the punishment for the loser of the Sports Book bets.

More after the jump.

One picture mentioned in the podcast:

Memphis Grizzlies using Shaq as their new logo:

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  1. Okay this was one of the MOST entertaining pieces you guys have ever done. “Chances are…?” was great. I loved Vuman’s crazy percentages cuz it made all the conversations more interesting. The only thing I didn’t like was the scoring. It seemed like it was just who got the closest to the Fact Boy’s percentages. I think you can take out the scoring completely, and just argue over each other’s percentages. Your last top ten was good, but I think this segment is even better, so maybe try it again in a couple podcasts cuz I think this could be your bread and butter.

    Awesome “Throw it down” by the way.

    Possible topic for next podcast:
    With the Grizzlies already doing more than expected with their current lineup, they sent Thabeet to the d-league for a short stint to get more playing time against NBA rejects. Do you guys think more teams should develop young players through the d-league (kinda like the minors) rather than just sending down the people that aren’t good enough (which is what usually happens)? Obviously, bad teams can play their rookies (like Evans, Curry, and Jennings) more because they have nothing to lose, so I’m mainly talking about good teams with decent draft pics. Ex: Darko being drafted by Detroit.

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