Incorrect Basketball Knowledge –– Episode 4 February 23, 2010 – Part One

Ronnie Brewer, Josh Howard, and Marcus Camby are in pain after having recently been traded to new teams

We again recorded too much, this time for episode four, so we had to split it up into two parts like before.

Download the first part of the fourth episode of Incorrect Basketball Knowledge directly here (right click and “save link as” to download) or go to the podcast page here.

Or check us out on iTunes here. – RSS feed for iTunes is unreliable right now.  It may work and it may not.

In part one of episode four, we discuss the trade deadline deals, as well as some deals that the Warriors and Lakers may have missed out on.

Hosted by Justin Eakins and Steven Vu

Episode contains:

  • Review previous episodes comments
  • Introduce Fact Boy
  • Discuss the four major trades as well as two minor ones
  • Discuss the Warriors trade rumors
  • Discuss the Lakers trade rumors

We’ll do better next time.  Part two of episode four should be out soon.

Please leave us a comment on what we can improve or what you liked or send us an email at

Also, we’re still looking for suggestions on the punishment for the loser of the Sports Book bets.

More after the jump.

One video mentioned in the podcast:

Spencer Hawes in the Paul Westphal’s dog house:

Ronnie Brewer, Josh Howard, and Marcus Camby are in pain after recently being traded
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  1. Nice job guys. I thought some of the minor trade talk was a little boring, but there’s only one trade deadline a year, so that ain’t too big of a deal.

    I liked the trade rumor talk. I normally don’t pay attention to that stuff, so it was interesting to hear what kind of deals people are shopping around in desperation before the deadline. Definitely think the Kings could have benefited from shopping Kmart around, but their front office has never been that great with that stuff.

  2. Shoot, we finally got rid of Kenny Thomas that is great in itself. He was a decent rebounder, but that was pretty much it. The move was mainly for cap space. Lets hope Evans develops his jumper in the off season and the team lands some good free agents. I would love to see us get Bosh, though that is probably a stretch. Hawes could also use some tips from Brockman and Dorsey on boxing out. I am getting tired of seeing him casually reach for boards. F THE LAKERS!

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