Incorrect Basketball Knowledge –– Episode 3 February 10, 2010 – Part One

Episode 3

Mark Cuban's ready to ball in the Celebrity All-Star Game

We recorded so much for episode three, we had to split it up into two parts.

Download the first part of the third episode of Incorrect Basketball Knowledge directly here (right click and “save link as” to download) or go to the podcast page here.

Or check us out on iTunes here. – RSS feed for iTunes is unreliable right now.  It may work and it may not.

In part one of episode three, we discuss the All-Star events happening this weekend.

Hosted by Justin Eakins and Steven Vu

Episode contains:

  • Review previous episodes, questions, and comments
  • NBA All-Star Teams
  • Discussion on the betting game between Justin and Steven – see The Sports Book on right
  • Justin and Steven choose who they think will win the various All-Star events

We’ll do better next time.  Part two of episode three should be out soon.

Please leave us a comment on what we can improve or what you liked or send us an email at

We’ll be looking for suggestions on the punishment for the loser of the bets.

More after the jump.

To see our All-Star Predictions, visit The Sports Book page here

Some videos mentioned in the podcast:

Kansas Player shoots UGLY Free Throw:

Dwight’s dunks at the 2009 Slam Dunk Contest:

Nate Robinson dunks over Dwight Howard:

Monta’s New Trick Shot:

Monta’s Other Trick Shot Video:

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  1. […] Incorrect Basketball Knowledge Golden State Warriors, LA Lakers, and basketball « Incorrect Basketball Knowledge – Episode 3 February 10, 2010 – Part One […]

  2. I still have to disagree about a college team having no chance against the Nets. You can’t dismiss such a chance just because one team is pro. There are some very cohesive college teams that play excellent team basketball and actually trust in their plays instead of relying on one or two players. Not to mention most college teams play energetic defense, something that is lacking in the pro game until the 4th.

  3. I like how you guys were spot on with your bold declarations that the rookies and the east would be dominated :p . I really like the sportsbook idea though. I think it could keep things pretty interesting. I think that each episode you guys should recap where the points are, who was right or wrong last week, and make your picks for this week, but try to keep it under like 5 minutes. Kinda like how Boomer does his weekly NFL picks. Maybe not that fast, but you get the idea. For punishment, the loser could eat 5 big macs over the course of the podcast…or chug a 40 I guess.

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